Which Bar type are you?

Whether it’s the view of Zurich or the mani / pedi shop next door, Modissa Rooftop Bar usually attracts “The Observer”. Sit on the rooftop and enjoy the sights and sounds of Zurich. Not too much fuss, but a cool city vibe nonetheless. Thank you @Vivek for suggesting this gem overlooking Bahnhofstrasse.

At Don Weber you’ll find the fun “Group of Guys”. Great cocktails, great Mexican food and some yummie burgers. It’s definitely a @Fabian place. Comfy, friendly, always a good time.

The “I never go out but when I do” type would typically head over to Raygrodsky in Zurich’s third district. Amazing cocktail creations, try the “Hot Russian”. It’s a drink (usually). @Yasemin will tell you the best time to go, as it can get crowded.

Restaurant Bürgli in Wollishofen on the border to Kilchberg attracts what we call “The Connoisseur”. Sitting under the trees, sipping on their cocktail of the day, tasting their famous Entrecote, that’s so @Ilona and it’s so worth going.

Bar Daniel H in the middle of Kreis 4 attracts various types of people: the “Whatever” type (a very difficult one to handle),  the “I can’t handle my drinks”, the “I drink like a fish”, the “I’m too cool for school” and one of the bar scene archetypes: “The returnee”. Why try something new when you know what’s tried and true. @Ivo belongs to that group. The Returnee, just to be clear, not the other ones.

Huusbeiz… for “The Cozy One” … naturally this has @Lukas written all over it. If you wish to add on a few pounds while feeling cozy, try their Schoggimousse, it’s amazing.

“The serial make-out artist” will make their way through the bar throughout the night, working their magic and managing to make out with a few patrons, that’s the type you will find at Gainsbourg. Not judging. It comes recommended by @Nicholas. Again: not judging. It is a very, very stylish and cool bar.

Every once in a while we have to be “Incognito”, so we head out of town. Reputation… ahem. Head to Baden to check out Triebguet Frischluftbar. It’s all outside, so good weather is a basic condition for it to be open. This one is also recommended by @Nicholas. Again: not judging.

If you’re looking for “The Bohemian” and “The Photographer with a slight selfie addiction” (we know that type and we are all that type at times) head to Kreis 5’ Kasheme. @André calls it a Jungle Garden. We might have to check it out and find out why that is.

Wohnzimmer Bar, another one of @André’s favorites, is where you will find “The Veteran”, or “The Pro”. Just like in the good old days it’s cash only and you’ll have to get your drinks at the bar. On the way there you’ll fall over a dozen Freitag bags and meet your new best friend.

Every city needs a place for “The Hipster”. Every city needs hipsters in order to be hip. Neue Taverne is one of Zurich’s newest additions to the bar and restaurant scene. @Yanick was there and gives it his seal of approval.

@Shqiprim’s recommendation is the place where the “Solo Traveler”, “The Clown”, certainly “The hot ones” and “The Couple” (cute and annoying in equal measure) come to gather. In the middle of everything is Grand Café Lochergut. Home for everyone looking for a home or a home away from home for amazing food and drinks.

Now: which type are you?

There’s a lot of humor added to this article. All of the bars and restaurants are amazing and a great addition to Zurich’s night life and attract only “The cool one” and “The hot one”. Enjoy summer, it won’t last forever.

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