Spotlight on our first ever apprentice (now grown up): Antonio

Tony was our first ever iET apprentice.

Back in 2008 iET only had 9 employees and our office space was a third of what it is today. We still have an aquarium, but nowadays Tony does not have to clean it anymore. Shredding, one of his favorite duties as an apprentice, is something that each employee does on their own time. So, no aquarium cleaning, no shredding, what is it that Tony does these days?

With 10+ years of recruiting experience under his belt plus work experience at large, international companies, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the iET. Not only does he know how to recruit for even the most complicated positions, but he is also keen on revolutionizing the recruitment market and therefore is our man when it comes to introducing new technologies and disrupting the way we work. This is also the reason why he applied for the Master’s Degree program in Applied Information and Data Science at HSLU: to broaden his horizon and to discover ways to change the way companies look for talent.

Tony’s current tasks as Project Manager are very broad. From introducing fringe benefits, introducing home office, winning new followers on social media, developing new business strategies, to leading the introduction of iET’s blog and the sponsoring of the Swiss Korfball team, he always looks for ways to improve our company on a daily basis. His most important job is to bring me up to date on everything technology and social media. Apparently I pick the wrong music for my Insta stories.

When he is not at the gym lifting weights, reading about AI or learning salsa dance, Tony likes to spend his time out and about. He is in love with good music, stays always up to date on new trends and being a good Italian, he likes to dress sharp. As the son of two Italian immigrants he values family and friends more than anything in the world. His Italian spirit and his mother’s tiramisu keep him from moving to Australia. I have to admit: it is a fantastic Tiramisu. So, if you ever come across Tony, ask him about his semester abroad spent in Melbourne and he will instantly be your friend.