Annahmeverzug im Personalverleih – Delay in acceptance in employee leasing

Today we dedicate ourselves to a topic that repeatedly confuses our clients: the delay in acceptance (Annahmeverzug). Our business of employee leasing, Personalverleih in German, is a triangular relationship consisting of client, iET (employer) and employee. Our client would like to work with a person. We employ said person and lend him or her out to the client. The most important word here is: employ.

Biologist-turned-data scientist, Louisa Carlisle

Biologist-turned-data scientist, Louisa Carlisle, is the type of person you want to root for. She’s smart, compassionate, a thinker, a doer. She’s someone you definitely want on your team – especially when we’re talking about korfball. Amongst her many talents, one of Ms Carlisle’s passions is endorsing this Dutch sport here in Switzerland. iET will be sponsoring the Swiss Korfball Federation on their trip to the European Championship 2021 in Poland. So, we’ve caught up with Ms Carlisle about her endeavours…