Juventus‘ biggest fan – Vivek Kandiah, Project Assistant

Vivek started his career in a trading company in the Canton of Schwyz, where he completed his vocational training EFZ in 2013. After his vocational training he dipped his toes in Online Media. He worked sporadically in Düsseldorf and was thus able to gain work experience abroad.

2015 was the year he found his independence: he moved to Zurich with his brother. The two of them share a flat and enjoy their balcony and their beloved oriental water pipe, the shisha.

Vivek started at iET in July 2018 and has since been working as a Project Assistant in the recruiting team. In addition to this, his focus is on job portals, as he is the person responsible for the job platforms we use at iET. Which job goes where and at what price, that’s Vivek’s domain. Starting in October he will be attending College to earn a business degree. Hats off: he will continue to work full time at iET.  

Vivek’s family is scattered all over the world due to the civil war in Sri Lanka. He has relatives in Canada, India, Belgium, England and in the neighboring countries Germany, Italy and France. Unfortunately, he cannot visit any of them this year because of Covid-19. His cousin’s wedding in Toronto was supposed to be a big family gathering, but postponed to next year. In Switzerland we have a term called “Balkonien”, meaning vacation time on your balcony, and that’s what he’ll do this summer, along with some fun day trips.

Now, let’s talk Football and cooking, Vivek’s passion.

Once a month he cooks traditional Tamil food for us, which he prepares freshly in the early morning together with his mother. From lentils dhal, eggplant and potato pepperoni curry to spicy chicken curry. In his free time he tries different recipes from other world cuisines.  

And football… he is one of the biggest football fans we know and follows every football match on live ticker. Did you miss a match and would like to know how the match ended? Don’t despair, ask Vivek! He always cheers on Juventus Turin, his favorite player is Paulo Dybala. Juventus Turin striker Alessandro Del Piero is Vivek’s football hero.

Vivek is a man of many talents. Thank you for sharing them with us, Vivek. Have a fantastic summer and don’t forget your monthly cooking duties 😊 We look forward to our next Tamil food festival here at iET.