Fan Letter to Katharina Haase – Admin Team

You know the saying: behind every successful man stands a strong woman. Now let’s adapt it to our business: behind a successful recruiting business is a killer admin team. In this article we will get to know Katharina.

Girl power!

Who needs Sporty, Ginger, Scary, Baby or Posh Spice when you can have Power Spice.

Katharina joined our team early this year. She’s the mother of two adorable dogs: Leo and Toby. The author of this blog entry is a cat person all the way but those two stole my heart (to be fair: the dogs are about as big as small cats). When she’s at work she looks after some of our largest multinational clients and their oftentimes complex contractual setups. We also work with agencies outside of Switzerland that are looking to place personnel, in which case they need an intermediary. Katharina is the go-to person for those inquiries. And that’s not all: together with Nick she administers most of our payrolling requests and therefore knows all about the dos and don’ts of working in Switzerland.

When looking at her picture you just know that pension contributions and salary calculations don’t rock her world 24/7. Katharina is as diverse as the Letten Badi on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Jazz and Blues from the 50s to the 90s, vintage stores, fashion, and she is a botanist. Yep. Katharina is currently enrolled in a study program to become a Herbalist, how cool is that? The crystal ball tells her that she will live in a cottage in Ireland (with a famous actor… my lips are sealed). A garden with lots of herbs, a fire place, a spiffy car and dogs everywhere.

Katharina’s background is in hospitality. For us she combines a wealth of knowledge in HR and Payrolling with a customer-centric approach and outgoing personality. The reader can tell the author is a fan of hers and what she brings to the iET team. And the dogs… if they were cats I’d ask her to babysit them when she’s on holiday.

She would have loved to live in the Audrey Hepburn era, but we’re happy everything turned out (slightly) different. Katharina is an asset to our diverse culture here at iET. Our clients, our contractors and the entire recruiting team rely on her knowhow in HR and Payrolling. Power Spice.

Closing remarks from the author: Sporty Spice was the only one who could more or less sing. Still, I was devastated when Geri left.