Corona & Switzerland: The Aftershocks

Just when we thought climate change was the biggest global challenge of our times, along comes Covid-19, putting ‘vast’ into devastation: the pandemic has scarred the new decade with 24 million infections worldwide, claiming 822,000 deaths. Much like a war, every conceivable corner of life has been crippled. Historically, amid world wars, Switzerland has remained stable on neutral terra firma. But an attack of this kind knows no political agenda, so no immunity even for this economic capital.

Annahmeverzug im Personalverleih – Delay in acceptance in employee leasing

Today we dedicate ourselves to a topic that repeatedly confuses our clients: the delay in acceptance (Annahmeverzug). Our business of employee leasing, Personalverleih in German, is a triangular relationship consisting of client, iET (employer) and employee. Our client would like to work with a person. We employ said person and lend him or her out to the client. The most important word here is: employ.